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Executive Assistant Job Roles

EA role defined

Executive assistants play a crucial role in supporting and managing the daily operations of senior executives in an organisation. They’re responsible for tasks such as scheduling appointments, coordinating meetings, managing email and correspondence, maintaining confidential records and documents, preparing reports, handling travel arrangements and performing administrative duties.

They are the main point of contact and are frequently referred to as the gatekeepers of an executive's time. Executive assistans are required to be well-organized and quick thinkers. They are always one step ahead and have many backup plans for every circumstance.

Required skills for Executive Assistants

Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Assistants

Is a university degree required to become an executive assistant?

While a university college degree is not necessarily required to become an executive assistant, it can be helpful. However relevant experience, attention to detail and strong communication skills are the most important factors for success in this role.

What is the average salary for an executive assistant?

The average salary for an executive assistant varies depending on the industry, location and level of experience. On average, an executive assistant in the UK is between £45k – 70k per year while in the United States EAs can earn between $100k – $130k per year.

How can I advance my career as an executive assistant?

Continuing education and professional development opportunities, such as courses in management, technology or finance, can help executive assistant advance their career. Building a strong network of professional contacts and demonstrating strong performance in the role can also lead to opportunities for advancement.

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