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PA role defined

They support executives to simplify their workload and make sure their day runs as smoothly as possible, which helps them in both their personal and professional life.

What do personal assistants do:

Personal assistants collaborate closely with business owners, managers and executives to offer personalised support. They frequently assist with administrative and personal tasks like scheduling travel, managing a diary, managing emails, taking minutes, keeping office filing systems up to date and communicating with others on behalf of their employers.

PAs are in charge of making sure their employer's day goes as well as possible and serves as the executive's initial point of contact. Personal assistants efficiently manage the clients of their employers, and they frequently reply to messages, handle follow-up calls and schedule meetings and other appointments on their behalf.

Required skills for Personal Assistants

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Assistants

Who does a Personal Assistant Assistant work with?

The majority of personal assistants operate in bigger settings, carrying out both personal and professional tasks for senior-level employees. The senior/directorial-level staff will delegate daily responsibilities to the personal assistant and will work closely with them to provide insightful comments and ideas on how to improve their performance.

What makes a good Personal Assistant?

An excellent personal assistant should be proactive, organised and detail-oriented whether they work from home or in an office.
The personal assistant role is crucial to the success of leaders. Excellent communication skills are a need for a top-notch personal assistant.

What is the average salary of PAs?

The amount may vary depending on your industry. However, the base salary for personal assistants in private equity or alternative investments is approximately £45k – £70k per year in the UK and $100k – $130k per year in New York.

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