Mau is an experienced support professional, having worked his way up from an entry level role in the travel industry to becoming the EA to the CEO of CDC, a leading global investment firm and now an Associate supporting the leaders of their global portfolio companies. Mau is one of the kindest, most professional performers I’ve met, with a great mindset that he’s tirelessly developed.

Although I know Mau well, I’ve learned so much more about him and was blown away by his commitment, attitude and fascinated by his life story!

We cover loads of topics during the episode, including:

  • His story from growing up in Brazil to moving to London
  • How his career progressed and the mindset used to do so
  • How Mau is coping during the COVID-19 crisis
  • His experience as a VIP liaison at the Brit Awards
  • The work Mau does for the LGBT community
  • How he’s balanced being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met with being the ultimate professional

We hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did!

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