Jonathan has a really inspiring background. Born in Jamaica, an immigrant on two occasions, a professional actor, former tennis player and very experienced support professional, having worked his way up from an entry level temporary reception role at Blackstone, to now being a crucial member of their HR team; JC is one of the funniest and most intelligent people I know. He has an insatiable appetite for learning and pushing himself, and it’s this curious to do more, try harder and be the best he can, that’s propelled his career.

Although I know JC well, I’ve learned so much more about him and was even more inspired by how hard he works and how much he pushes himself. 

We cover loads of topics during the episode, including:

  • His story from growing up in Jamaica and moving to London via Canada 
  • How his career has progressed at Blackstone over 14 years 
  • How JC is coping during the COVID-19 crisis including washing bananas 
  • His insatiable appetite for learning 
  • Life as an actor and balancing two careers and how he has the energy for it!

We hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did!

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