Monique is incredible! She has a hugely infectious and warm personality, great ideas and a really positive outlook, even right now! 

After nearly a decade as the Executive Assistant, Producer and ”Chief of Simon Sinek.” New York Times Best-Selling author and TED celebrity, Monique stepped out from being behind the scenes to now owning her own business where she coaches and advises businesses around the globe on challenges their facing. 

Monique also appeared on our community focused webinar in the midst of the pandemic to help people identify their why and why it’s essential to do that now, in this moment when you’re looking for a new role. 

I really enjoyed our conversation, we covered so much ranging from:

  • Current political affairs, voting and the impact #Blacklivesmatter has had on us both
  • How we’re feeling in the current crisis and what the future holds
  • Her story to now and how she took her first step into public speaking (which is even braver when you’re following Simon Sinek!) 
  • Why it’s so important to start with why and align your values with everything you do

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed doing it! 

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