Like many others, Shannon has found herself out of work because of the economic impact of the global pandemic. Rather than let it defeat her, she decided to take matters into her own hands and the Jossies shared a video with me that Shannon had produced and posted on LinkedIn, and it blew up! We were all so impressed by her proactivity and how she presented/articulated her experience, that they asked me to bring her onto the Podcast straight away! 

Shannon is a charismatic and engaging support, operations and projects professional, with almost 7 years of experience. Her most recent roles were in high level global events management, while also acting as EA to CEOs of the business. She’s been directly involved in influencing creation and communication of strategy, and has a proven track record managing all business areas including: office management, HR, recruitment, sales, finance and banking.

In our Podcast, she talks about her childhood dream of becoming an actor (which started with being a presenter on Cartoon Network!), and how she decided to make the move to the support and operations world despite being fairly successful in acting early on.

I loved chatting to Shannon! She is really upbeat and engaging and this was a really fun episode!

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