Speaker, activator and ‘unlocker of human potential’ Monique Helstrom speaks to Joss Search founder Sivan Joss about Finding Your Superpower

In this Q&A webinar we discuss the future of the workplace and the new opportunities open to business support staff who are looking to grow professionally and personally.

Key takeaways:

  1. Don’t be afraid of technology
    For years people have been afraid of what artificial intelligence means for the future of their job. But technology is just a tool, an enabler. And it can help you do your job better. During the pandemic people used digital tools available to them to become better at their job and streamline the parts that were repetitive. That created free time to take on new, more interesting responsibilities.
  2. Self-awareness is key
    To progress we have to be the champions of ourselves, and the first step of that is self-awareness. Identifying your superpower is a huge piece of self-awareness and a positive first step for support professionals. Knowing what you’re good at is the baseline for confidence building.
  3. Not sure what your superpower is? Ask your boss what you’re good at.
    Ask your colleagues or your boss what you’re good at – they’ll be able to tell you straight away. It might be something that you didn’t even realise that you were good at.
  4. Change doesn’t have to be scary
    Change is not some ‘scary black hole of monsters and skeletons in your closet’. The way we describe change sounds hard, it sounds exhausting. But change doesn’t have to be fast, it can be slow. It can be incremental. As long as you’re moving in the right direction you’ll hit your next evolution.
  5. You need procedures and processes in place for change to happen
    Change doesn’t happen on its own, just because you want it. You need intention and attention behind it to make you limitless.

Where will your superpower take you?  

Want to find your superpower? Find it here.