How business support staff can stay ahead and stand out in a post-pandemic world

The twists and turns of the pandemic have transformed the role of executive support. Smaller teams meant bigger responsibilities. Downsizing quickly turned to upskilling. And home and hybrid working demanded a whole new level of technical and operational know-how.  

With traditional tasks like travel and expenses on hold, business support staff stepped up and stepped in to keep critical activities on track – often doing more, for more people.  

Employers took note of the evolution. In our 2021/22 UK Salary Survey, 96% agreed that support staff have had to ‘adapt and support executives differently’ and ‘take on additional responsibilities’ over the past 18 months. Remits expanded to include managing and facilitating events (78%), project management (52%), recruitment (43%) and systems implementation (35%). 

That’s why we created a guide to finding your superpower. After all, business support has never been more challenging – or charged with possibilities. That extra expertise you earned during the pandemic? That could be your superpower. It’s the standout skill that sets you apart and accelerates your next career steps. 

Our guide will help you find and finesse your power and put it to work. In our guide we share practical tips on pinpointing your unique selling point (USP), plotting your ideal path and balancing development with your day job. You’ll also learn how to champion your cause in a shifting support space.  

The pandemic has already redefined your role. Now it’s your turn to take charge of the change.  

Where will your superpower take you?  

Want to find your superpower? Find it here.