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The recent unfolding events around COVID -19 have been surreal and challenging for everyone. 

Although these are challenging times, Joss Search are committed to continue to support our Hidden Heroes and help you navigate through the uncertainty and even identify new opportunities. For this reason, we’re going to run weekly webinars to help address the key challenges and opportunities that are arising in real time.

On Wednesday 25th March, we successfully ran our first Jossie Talks Webinar!

Working from home over the last few weeks has been a significant change for Assistants, so our first Jossie Talks Webinar was about ways to transition from a traditional EA to a Virtual Assistant role, both from a skills & behavioural perspective.

We were joined by guest speaker Ellena Ingles. Ellena is a Virtual Assistant to the founder of a web developer. She is 100% remote and her CEO is based in Dubai. She took us through how to transition from a traditional role to being a top notch VA including the challenges, opportunities and the mindset required.

If you weren’t able to make it you can watch it here, and check out the key takeaways from the webinar below.

We’ll be hosting weekly webinars on various subjects which are impacting our clients and candidates during this tumultuous period – details of the events will be on our LinkedIn page, so make sure you’re following us for the latest updates!

KEY TAKEAWAY #1: Be proactive, not reactive 💡

– The worst thing you could do right now is sit around and wait for the work to come your way – now is the time for you to take charge

– Arrange a daily call with your boss to go through the upcoming tasks and what you could assist with

– Join team meetings – take an active role by taking the meeting minutes. Volunteer to action some of the tasks

– Keep pushing to get involved

KEY TAKEAWAY #2: Take the lead 👣

– You have access to the inner workings of a company which puts you in a great position to question everything; What problems does your company have? Where do the problems come from?

You can show your entrepreneurial side – how can you actively go out of your way to solve them? You may not be able to solve everything immediately, but you can set the wheels in motion

– You can propose long term projects that you’re passionate about – it doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with work – you could lead a charity drive, or workplace wellbeing strategy

KEY TAKEAWAY #3: Embrace tech 📱

– When working remotely, some companies struggle to communicate with their teams. This could result in demotivated staff, and people feeling isolated or distanced from the wider team. During this period, communication is key. Research ways to beat this and bring the team closer together: Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc.

KEY TAKEAWAY #4: Proposals, proposals, proposals 📑

– If you have an idea (eg. introducing a new platform), get a proposal in front of your boss, stat. A proposal is a VA’s bread and butter for taking action and stepping up. It doesn’t need to be a fancy, designed proposal. A few small paragraphs over email is all you need. It will show your boss you’re taking your own initiative and you’re invaluable to them/the company.

KEY TAKEAWAY #5: You’re as valuable as ever 💎

– PAs and EAs are known for going above and beyond – you’ve got the opportunity to shine in a brand new environment

– This is also a chance for you to up-skill and grow professionally

– You are the Hidden Heroes in organisations, so know how valuable you are 😊