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Our second webinar focused on how to look after your mental and physical wellbeing whilst working from home.

We were joined by guest speaker Tayyaba Jordan. Tayyaba is an International Corporate health and wellness coach who specialises in helping professionals and organisations who struggle with anxiety, stress, physical and mental health issues.

Tayyaba talked us through tried and tested ways of optimising and adapting to working from home. This included practical ideas and solutions for families, sharing your space with your household and finding a structure in the chaos. We learnt how to take your ‘work hat off,’ eating for energy and health and how to manage stress and anxiety.

Tayyaba shared some simple, practical and realistic approaches for both mind and body to break the cycle of stress COVID-19 is currently causing. 

If you weren’t able to make it, you can watch the video here, and below are the key takeaways from the webinar.

We’ll be hosting weekly webinars on various subjects which are impacting our clients and candidates during this tumultuous period – details of the events will be on our LinkedIn page, so make sure you’re following us for the latest updates!

KEY TAKEAWAY #1: Practical tips and strategies

– Create a suitable working environment, but ensure you don’t stay there all day – make sure you’re taking regular breaks, and where possible move around; when you’re on a phone call, walk around – your mind and body will thank you for it!

– Have a plan – re-think your timetable daily, look at what hasn’t worked and what you can do to improve it

– Be open with your employer if you’re struggling – ask for help if you need it

– Remember, this isn’t your standard “WFH”. We’re currently working, living, eating, sleeping and ‘relaxing’ in the same place with no where to go. It’s not easy, so it’s really important that you forgive yourself and be kind to yourself – you’re bound to eat extra chocolates, drink more coffee or be a bit short tempered – don’t fixate on this

KEY TAKEAWAY #2: Consistency Vs. Uncertainty

– Create a morning routine – wake up at the same time, shower, get dressed as if you were going to work and have breakfast to get your day started. Try to include a self care activity; meditation or yoga, for example

– Create a bedtime curfew – it’s very easy to continue working late in to the night while working from home – have a set time for stopping work/going to sleep. Sleep is essential for good mental health and wellness

– Set time for a 5 minute recharge every day – use this time to do something other than work; make lunch, stretch, call your friends and family. Having a short break can increase concentration for the next few hours

KEY TAKEAWAY #3: Communication and real life

– If you’re working with your partner, family or housemates, make sure you keep talking! Where possible, take breaks together 

– The 5am club – can you change the structure of your day? If you have kids, could you start earlier to get a few hours in before they wake up? Let your employers know about your situation and talk to them about how your working hours could change

– Couples – if you’re working with your significant other – try to separate your work spaces…it’s easy to get irritated with each other, so try to mitigate this where you can

– Harness your environment – although the situation is straining, you need to focus on the positives – if you have children or pets, you can spend a lot more time with them. You can drink from your favourite mug and sit in your favourite spot. It’s not all bad

KEY TAKEAWAY #4: Staying healthy and well

– Take a 1-5 minute break for the body and mind – give yourself a rest away from your computer. Choose an activity that feels right for you, for example conscious breathing, listen to a song, meditate

KEY TAKEAWAY #5: Looking after your mental health

– Sleep could be your super power – it reduces stress, improves memory and cognitive function, and controls your weight. It’s so important that you’re getting a good night’s sleep

– Movement – find a workout and try to do it every morning – even if it’s only 7 minutes. Make sure you’re going for a walk every day – it positively impacts your mental health

– Ensure you’re eating well every day – during lockdown we’re moving less, so it’s important you’re eating a healthy diet – aim for all the colours of the rainbow!

If you want more guidance on how to “Strive, Thrive & Grow”, please contact Tayyaba Jordan directly: