If you weren’t able to make it, you can watch the video here, and below are the key takeaways from the webinar.

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Key takeaway 1: Take time to understand your ‘why’
(For more detail, go to 9:54 on the webinar)
Your ‘why’ isn’t what you do, such as being a mother, nurse or teacher, it’s the representation of who you are, the driving force within you. It takes time to discover so be patient but a good way to help identify it is to use personality tests such as Strength Finder, which are low cost and effective. It’s your responsibility to find your why and find a role that aligns with this. This encompasses the whole job-hunting process including identifying suitable organisations, writing your CV & how you express yourself at interviews. The more clarity you have on the type of organisation you want to work for (based on aligned values) the more success and enjoyment you will get.

Key takeaway 2: Work out your career identity
(For more detail, go to 36:52 on the webinar)
Your career is like a 3-legged stool: passion (what you love), purpose (your ‘why’) and identity (who you are), so it’s so important to work in a position and company that’s right for you. There are three types of professional identity – singularity, multiplicity & hybridity. Hybrid professionals integrate rather than segregate their different professional identities. Check out Sarabeth’s handouts 👉 More Than My Title for help and guidance on your career identification. 

Key takeaway 3: Approach your job search strategically 
(For more detail, go to 56:17 on the webinar)
It may be more difficult to land a job right now because of COVID-19 so don’t be too hard on yourself. Make a plan and set your objectives (which goes back to your why, purpose and identity!). Making these areas clear in your plan is really important, it’s worth the time investment. Be strategic with your search – quality over quantity is key.  Make your CV specific to the role/organisation you really want – don’t use the same CV to apply for every role you come across. In the medium to long term, this will yield far better results. Finally, find a recruitment agency who will genuinely champion you and your career. 

Key takeaway 4: Rewrite your CV with an understanding of what hiring managers are looking for
(For more detail, go to 1:19:20 on the webinar)
These simple tips are key when writing your CV:

  • Your CV is your ‘gateway’ to a new position so you MUST tailor it for every job application – you’re competing with hundreds (maybe thousands) of candidates, so you need to stand out

  • Include achievements & responsibilities, not just your duties. Achievements are specific to you & demonstrates your abilities much better

  • Be concise and clear. 1-2 pages max. & make sure it’s grammatically correct

  • Explain any gaps in your timeline

  • Don’t lie! You’ll be found out

  • Rehearse your elevator pitch – practice in a mirror – like a script! Interviewing is a skill – hiring managers want to see confidence, passion & the authentic you. If you do this and don’t land the role then it probably wasn’t the right place for you. 

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