If you weren’t able to make it, you can watch the video here, and below are the key takeaways from the webinar.

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Lucy’s recommended resources

All the resources Lucy discussed on the webinar are on the below link, including:

  • Presentation slides
  • Stepping into leadership e-guide
  • Email triage system
  • List of questions to ask a new Exec
  • ES Facebook group link

You can check them out here.

Key Takeaway 1: If you want to step up, be proactive rather than reactive

(For more detail, go to 46:00 on the webinar)

Reactivity means constantly waiting for tasks and directions to be given which means you won’t ever have any influence or direct authority. Recently we’ve also heard talk around how AI is going to replace future jobs, and it’s these repetitive task-based jobs that will be at risk. Now is the time for Assistants to step up and think about what they can do to actively contribute to the business partnership with their Execs and how they’re able to support business strategy at the highest level.

Key Takeaway 2: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

(For more detail, go to 32:00 on the webinar)

If you want to be seen as a manager, or have more authority, think and behave as though you already ‘have’ the role. This means you’re going to need to step out of your comfort zone. Get used to being curious, asking questions and making sure your voice is heard.

Key Takeaway 3: Assistants are valued incredibly highly in a business – it’s important they see themselves this way

(For more detail, go to 20:00 on the webinar)

How much time you save your Exec is pivotal in affecting the bottom line of the company (your Execs salary x how much time you save them = how much you add to the bottom line!). You’ve got an entirely different sets of skills and strengths but you both come together to make a well-rounded team. You’re able to fill in the gaps that they’re not so good at, so they can get on with what they do best. Once you start seeing how much value you can add and take on this positive mindset, others will start realising this too.

Key Takeaway 4: Use a business conversation to approach challenging issues with your boss

(For more detail, go to 48:00 on the webinar)

Your boss thinks in numbers, so if you feel like you’re not being utilised fully, present them with the numbers and a business case of how you’re going to add value for them. The average Exec spends 58% of their day on emails so if you can think of a way to minimise this, that’s an excellent start! Request a meeting with them and be thoroughly prepared with three proposals of changes you’d like to make and why these will be effective.

Key Takeaway 5: Now is the time to see changes

(For more detail, go to 40:00 on the webinar)

Things aren’t normal at the moment and COVID-19 has thrown us into a huge period of uncertainty, which can be scary, but it also provides the best opportunity to create change. The Assistant role has altered hugely over the past 10 weeks and the day-to-day is no longer the same. Use this time to look for the gaps that can be filled and you can deliver on – so that when you’re back in the office your Exec knows you’re capable of phenomenal things!