At the end of December Missouri native Sarah Kane left the US to join us as a Jossie in the UK. We caught up with her a month on to find out how London life compares to back home…

1) The tube is less intimidating and easier to use than I could have ever imagined. I can honestly say I may be the most directionally challenged person I know and the fact I have only gotten lost on the tube once so far, is a miracle. What is harder to manage is the windy and bendy roads than the tube itself, America is mostly a grid system so the unpredictable set up of roads here is most confusing!! Oh, and of course, the cars being on the wrong side of the road – I’ve almost gotten run over a few times due to looking the wrong way…

2) The people here are so friendly, welcoming and kind…well, mostly. Everyone I have actually had the pleasure of meeting and talking too, has been so wonderful!! However, my midwestern manners of smiling at every single person (and dog) I pass by on the sidewalk, is not quite reciprocated here. I’ve gotten lots of strange looks back as I pass people. So instead, I now keep the smiles to myself on the streets and stalk dogs at Regent’s Park instead. This way, I can still get my fix of seeing happy dogs since I miss my dog at home so much!!

3) There are some unexpected differences that have popped up in my first month at Joss. The biggest learning curves are probably, 1) the use of military time and 2) the month/day being the wrong way around. Additionally, the keyboards here actually have about 4 or 5 of the keys in a different spot than I’m used to in the States, which made me type gibberish for a few days 😊

4) The Brits really do love their tea. Like clockwork in the afternoon, someone is asking “anyone want a tea?”. I have loved it and have found that I like it ‘builders’ style – if that is the way you say it?? Having biscuits readily available as well is pretty amazing too!

5) Finally, there are a few things that I either cannot find or just aren’t as accessible like ranch dressing, a store like Target and ice/free refills. Ranch dressing is absolutely everywhere in the States and it just can’t be found here!

We’re glad you’re enjoying life in London and there’ll always be a builder’s brew and a biscuit waiting for you in the office!

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