Last year we launched our Germany office in order to champion hidden heroes in the private equity and alternative investment sectors in Europe. Jacqui Hauser joined us to head up the team, with thirteen years of recruitment experience in executive secretarial and support roles, predominantly in international private equity and alternative investment firms. It’s been a fantastic year for the department with Jacqui placing candidates in roles across Germany, in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. 

We’re excited to start 2022 with a new member of the team, and welcome Hiie to the Jossie family. You can find out more about Hiie and her role at Joss Search below!



Last year we also launched our first ever salary survey for the region – you can download our Germany salary survey here. Key highlights included:

82% of organisations noted that employees have “taken on additional responsibilities, adapted their roles and proactively supported their executives differently”. These figures are extremely encouraging and demonstrate the value that support professionals can offer firms above and beyond what has been traditionally expected of them.

Holiday allowance continues to be a strong feature of the German employment sector, with most employees receiving at least 30 days’ paid holiday per year.

Our research indicates that salaries are moving in a positive direction with most employers reporting that business support professionals will likely be offered a pay increase this year. However, more than a third indicated that salaries will not increase, which may impact firms’ ability to recruit and retain the best candidates.

Encouragingly, sentiment around bonuses seems strong, as both employers and employees alike anticipate bonuses to be paid this year. Nearly 3 in 4 employees expect to receive a bonus in 2021 that is equivalent to roughly 25% of their base salary. Our experience in the marketplace suggests that bonuses between 10-40% are realistic, as these align with our conversations on the ground.


We’re excited to announce that Hiie has joined our Germany team. Hiie is based in Estonia and will be working remotely alongside Jacqui to help grow our European market. With a background in business support, including in administrative roles and most recently as a HR Business Partner, we know that Hiie will deliver a brilliant experience for our clients and candidates.

Thinking about hiring in Germany, or keen to find a role in the region? Email Jacqui today.