Support roles are pivotal in the business landscape, often operating behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations. While their contributions might go unnoticed, their impact is undeniable in maintaining balance and efficiency.

Our podcasts aim to highlight the nuances and challenges those in support roles face. Through a collection of real-world experiences and insights, we delve into the intricacies of the support world. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, there’s valuable insight for everyone.

Check out our Championing Hidden Heroes podcast below.

Ace your next business support role interview with the help of our podcast

Job interviews for support roles are unique, and we’re here to give you the inside track. With our podcasts by your side, you’ll be ready to tackle any curveball, charm your interviewers and truly stand out from the crowd. 

We’ve roped in industry experts, shared a few cheeky stories and jotted down some top tips that can make your next interview less nerve-wracking and more fun!

Episode #1 – Mauricio De Jong Oliveira: From Entry Level to EA to the CEO of CDC

On the first episode of our Championing Heroes podcast, Mau charts his journey from Brazil to London, climbing the ranks in the support world. Discover his growth mindset, adventures at the Brit Awards, resilience and dedication to the LGBT community. Balancing unparalleled kindness with professionalism, Mau’s story promises inspiration and insight.

Episode #2 – Jonathan Chambers: A Tale of Tennis, Theatre and Tenacity

Explore JC’s riveting journey: from Jamaican roots, through acting and tennis, to a pivotal role in Blackstone’s HR. Unravel the resilience behind his dual careers, relentless pursuit of learning and unique coping tactics during the pandemic (banana-washing included!).

Episode #3 – Carrie FitzGibbon: A Chronicle of Coaching and Commitment

Dive into Carrie’s world of positivity, loyalty and dedication. From her 14-year journey as the EA to a private equity co-founder to empowering others through ‘Carrie in your Corner’, discover her COVID-19 challenges, relentless commitment and valuable lessons from her biggest missteps.

Episode #4 – Monique Helstrom: Her Transition from EA to Entrepreneur

Join us as Monique delves into her evolution from an Executive Assistant to a global business coach. Together, we navigate political waves, #BlackLivesMatter, global crises and the power of starting with “why”. It’s an inspirational journey of growth, grit and global impact.

Episode #5 – Shannon Palmer: From Cartoon Network to Boardrooms

Discover Shannon’s tenacity as she leverages a setback into a LinkedIn sensation, impressing us all with her drive and articulation. Dive into her diverse journey: from childhood acting dreams and Cartoon Network cameos to becoming a linchpin in global events and executive support. An ode to adaptability and ambition.

Episode #6 – Jessica Gardiner: The Vision Behind The Assistant Room

Explore Jess’s transformative path from a seasoned Executive Assistant to the visionary founder of ‘The Assistant Room’. Fusing personal connections, creativity and a deep passion for the support industry, Jess crafted a global platform empowering thousands of admin professionals, reshaping careers and redefining success for many.

Episode #7 – Matthew Want: The Driving Force of Executive Secretary Magazine and Beyond

Join us for a deep dive with Matthew, renowned as one of the most proficient EAs in the industry. Matthew’s achievements are unparalleled, from orchestrating global events for Executive Secretary Magazine to winning ‘Social Media Influencer of the Year’. As a trailblazer for male assistants, his passion and prowess are truly inspiring.

Episode #8 – Rachael Dalton: Trading Skyscrapers for Home Comforts

In our final episode of Championing Heroes, we discover Rachael’s transformative journey: from navigating the bustling world of London’s hedge funds to embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. With a degree in French and a zest for organisation, Rachael’s 14-year ascent culminated in supporting top-tier executives. Today, she’s redefined success, offering virtual admin services while prioritising family and well-being.

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